SPA-Twitty Women's NIT, Hendersonville, TN

On-line entry to SPA-Twitty Women's NIT Championships for all ages in Hendersonville, TN

Please read the information below and then Scroll Down to the appropriate age division to complete Tournament Entry

On-Line entries are NOT complete until on-line submission of a completed SPA Team Roster

NOTICE:  A 3% credit card handling fee will be added at checkout as "shipping"

Entries must be submitted by Apr 18, 2024, to qualify for entry fees shown below.

Game Times

  • All Teams will need to be prepared to play at 8:30 AM each day


S.P.A. Sanctioned Tournament

  • All SPA rules will apply in this National QualifyingTournament
  • All teams must be registered with SPA and have a team sanction number
  • Players are required to be registered with SPA, and must present both their SPA Player's card prior and current Drivers License to play


Twitty Women's NIT, Hendersonville, TN

Twitty Women's NIT Championship, Hendersonville, TN

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